IPL Dry Eye Treatment with OptiLight

Find lasting relief from dry eye with our innovative OptiLight IPL treatments!

What is OptiLight?

OptiLight is the first and only FDA Approved intense pulsed light (IPL) device specifically created to treat dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and demodex mites. Using Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™), bright flashes of powerful, broad-spectrum light clear blockages in these oil-producing glands. OptiLight allows for targeted, precise, and uniform treatment to eliminate inflammation. And unlike other light or laser-based treatments, IPL is known to treat inflammation without damaging skin cells!

How Can it Manage Dry Eye?

Your tears are comprised of three components: lipid, water, and mucus. Many cases of dry eye are due to MGD — dysfunction of the lipid-producing glands known as meibomian glands, which hinders healthy tear production. The noninvasive technology of OptiLight is unique in that it not only clears blockages by precisely heating the blocked glands: it also reduces inflammation, another cause of dry eye disease. It does this by targeting meibomian glands, demodex mites, and inflammation. With your glands cleared up, mites diminished, and skin cells regenerating, the OptiLight helps your eyes stay healthy and moist!

Dry Eye Symptoms Forma-I Treatments Can Address:

  • Dry, gritty, scratchy, burning, or stinging eyes
  • Blurred vision and light sensitivity
  • Eye redness
  • Excessive watering and stringy mucus in the eye
  • Sensation of something in your eye

Benefits of IPL Dry Eye Treatments:

  • Targets inflammation and restores blood vessels to a healthy state
  • Treats MGD for hydrated eyes with healthier tears
  • Eliminates demodex mites which can cause eye inflammation, dryness, and crusting
  • Decreases dependency on artificial tears and other short-term remedies
  • Provides long-lasting results by addressing root causes of dry eye

Will IPL Dry Eye Treatment Work for My Dry Eye?

If you’ve been dealing with itchy, scratchy, dehydrated eyes, then IPL treatment is likely right for you! We’ll go over your unique case of dry eye during your consultation to determine if OptiLight can help bring you relief.  

Why Choose Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa Dry Eye Clinic

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we take a holistic look at your health in order to account for all relevant information. Our caring team of experts are here to help get your eyes in great shape, and have years of experience treating dry eye patients just like you. Paired with our premier technology, we’ve found that our approach has been very successful for vanquishing dry eye disease! At our medpspa, you’ll experience:

  • State-of-the-art technology that provides exceptional results
  • Eye care experts with decades of experience in the industry
  • A relaxing environment staffed by individuals you can trust