Envision Forma-I

Find lasting relief from dry eye with our innovative OptiLight IPL treatments!

What is Envision Forma-I?

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face MedSpa, we proudly offer the Forma-I treatment as one of our featured services. This service, part of the Envision platform, has been available internationally but was unavailable in the US until its recent FDA clearance. Forma-I is now accessible for the first time in America. This innovative treatment is designed to target the root cause of dry eye by directly addressing the meibomian glands, which are often a primary contributor to chronic dry eye.

How Can it Manage Dry Eye?

Experience the Forma-I Dry Eyes Treatment, a non-invasive and medication-free solution designed to alleviate the discomfort of dry eyes. Meibomian glands play a crucial role in producing the essential oily layer of tears that keeps our eyes moist and prevents dryness. Dysfunction in these glands can result in dry eyes. Forma-I employs cutting-edge technology to activate your eyes' natural tear production process, enhancing both the quality and quantity of your tears, thereby diminishing the symptoms associated with dry eyes.

Dry Eye Symptoms Forma-I Treatments Can Address:

  • Dry, gritty, scratchy, burning, or stinging eyes
  • Blurred vision and light sensitivity
  • Eye redness
  • Excessive watering and stringy mucus in the eye
  • Sensation of something in your eye

Benefits of Forma-I Treatments:

  • Improving the quality of tears.
  • Helping to relieve eyelid inflammation and eye irritation.
  • Reducing the appearance of veins, fine lines, crow’s feet, red spots, and skin tags.
  • There is no downtime after treatment. You can resume your normal duties immediately after treatment.
  • Provides long-lasting results by addressing root causes of dry eye

Will Forma-I Treatment Work for My Dry Eye?

If you’ve been dealing with itchy, scratchy, dehydrated eyes, then IPL treatment is likely right for you! We’ll go over your unique case of dry eye during your consultation to determine if OptiLight can help bring you relief.  

Why Choose Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa Dry Eye Clinic

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we take a holistic look at your health in order to account for all relevant information. Our caring team of experts are here to help get your eyes in great shape, and have years of experience treating dry eye patients just like you. Paired with our premier technology, we’ve found that our approach has been very successful for vanquishing dry eye disease! At our medpspa, you’ll experience:

  • State-of-the-art technology that provides exceptional results
  • Eye care experts with decades of experience in the industry
  • A relaxing environment staffed by individuals you can trust