Memberships & Referrals

We reward you for committing to your wellness with us!

The perks of choosing us for you

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we don’t just tailor our solutions around you, we reward you for committing to your wellness with us! We’ve listened to our valued long-term patients and are introducing two tiers of memberships to add even more value to your services. We’ve also found a way to reward our patients who share their exceptional service experiences with family and friends with our referral rewards. Learn about our memberships and referral rewards and give us a call to take advantage of these perks today.

Referral Rewards

Treatment Package Referral

When a patient refers a friend or family member who purchases a treatment package, they each receive a $100 gift card towards services.

First Treatment Referral

When a patient comes in for a treatment, they can receive a card to give to a friend to receive 20% off their first treatment, and the patient who refers will get 20% off their next treatment as well.