Financing & Insurance

We’re dedicated to making our care as accessible as possible.

Rejuvenate Makes Beauty Affordable

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we’ll always have your budget in mind as we guide you through your aesthetic journey. As we plan out your beauty and health regimen, we consider what you want to achieve and what combination of services it will take to get you there. We’ll then factor in your finances to build you a care plan that’s as affordable as it is effective. And to further ensure easy access to our services, we offer several ways to cover your costs and the option to divide them into several manageable payments.


Financing and Convenient
Payment Plans

A simple way to cover the cost of your services is with CareCredit: a healthcare credit card created specifically for beauty and wellness expenses. You can use CareCredit for any of our services, and the process to apply is simple. We also offer convenient ways to break up the cost of your treatment with our affordable payment plans. We want you to always feel financially secure when paying for our services, so our staff will work with you to create a schedule and payment amount that works best for you.

Utilizing Your Health
Savings Account
at Rejuvenate

Another worry-free way to pay for your latest dry eye therapy or skincare procedure is with your health savings account (HSA). We accept HAS payments for certain services, and our team will make sure you know about everything you’re eligible for, so your hard-earned benefits never go unused!

We Accept Insurance for Medical Treatments

Some of our procedures qualify as medical care and are covered by health insurance — which we also accept! While you can get the exact details of your insurance coverage from your carrier, we’re here to help you understand your benefits at a high level to help you plan your visit. With our assistance, you can focus less on money and more on the amazing results you’ll receive at Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa.