Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a sure-fire way to ensure that your eyebrows are always dark, defined, and fuller looking without the hassle and fuss of daily makeup application!

Brow Tint Services in Carmel & Westfield, IN

Eyebrow tinting is the noninvasive process of using a dye that’s approved and safe for the eye area to make your brow hairs darker. At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we want you to focus on living your best life — and as enjoyable as makeup application can be, having a daily routine just to get your brows presentable can take a lot of time. Brow tinting is the simple solution that ensures your brows are always ready, without the risk of brow gel running or a rushed, botched job that makes your eyebrows look different each day. For an effortless look from a time-saving procedure, look no further than eyebrow tinting!

Eyebrow Tinting FAQs

Who is a Candidate for Eyebrow Tinting?
Anyone is a candidate for eyebrow tinting, and if you have sparse, thinned, or light-colored brows, we’d love to help you experience the wow-factor that tinting provides! Before your treatment, we’ll go over your previous history of allergies and dye experiences in a consultation to ensure that you don’t have any reactions to the colorant.
Does Eyebrow Tinting Burn?
Not at all! We conduct our patch tests beforehand to ensure that you have no irritation or adverse reaction, though if it does burn, please let us know right away.
How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last?
Typically, your tint should last up to six weeks. However, factors like swimming, improper aftercare, sun, certain cleansing agents, and your eyebrow growth and hair fall rate can shorten the time between your tints.

Why Choose Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa for Brow Tinting?

At Rejuvenate Eye and Face Medspa, we’re committed to providing quality care in all aspects of our services, which are backed by science and performed by caring, compassionate experts. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences, so you can always get the results you want and deserve! We offer:

  • Precisely performed procedures customized to your liking
  • Team members who are devoted to ensuring that you’re well taken care of
  • World-class technology in an inviting and relaxing space that puts you at the center